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UPDATE [Patchnote] February Update - Modified 08. Feb. 2019 Views 67136


[1] Updates

1. Extra Chapter 8. Signs of Hope

2. Garden of Time and Space Renewal - The Final Story

3. Dispersion of Nests

4. Temple Knight Training Ground

5. Hirendel’s Barrier

6. Hero’s Mission Bulletin Board




[2] Changes/Additions

1. Gosuk's Precious Box             ← Rescheduled for March Update

2. Daily Quest

3. Tasks Revamp

4. Equipment Collection




[3] Event

1. Valentine's Day Event

2. Everyone's Banquet

3. Others




[4] Cash Shop

1. February Costume:  Hanbok Costume 

2. February Altea's Gacha Box Update

- Fortuitous Crimson Guzheng Wings/Tail/Decal 

- Banquet of Flowers Spirit

3. Wishful Flying Pengu Pet & Pet Accessories 

4. Purplion Accessory

5. Others: Atonement Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon 




[5] Web Shop

1. Dreamy Elite Newbie Package Released

2. New Web Shop exclusive item coming up on March 1st (Changed to Cash Shop)












[1] Updates


1-1. Extra Chapter 8. Signs of Hope














1-2. Garden of Time and Space Renewal - The Final Story



















1-3. Dispersion of Nests
















1-4. Temple Knight Training Ground














1-5. Hirendel’s Barrier



◆ 2 dungeons, [Old Garden] and [Undergarden] have been added.


◆ They are more difficult than normal dungeons.



 ◇ Entry Information 


Go through NPC Hector or through the Merca's Port Portal at Merca's Heart 





 ◇ Quest Information 


[Hirendel’s Barrier] Daily Quest has been added.

※ Talk to the NPC Special Sentry Louis at Merca's Port to take the quest.

※ You must be at least Level 95 to accept the quest.





 ◇ Hirendel’s Barrier Stage Missions Added 

In [ Achievement (L) – Dungeon (Normal) ], new Merca’s Port stage missions have been added.

2 Missions and 2 Titles have been added.

Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows.

















1-6. Hero’s Mission Bulletin Board


 Mission Bulletin Board Test Operation 

▷ According to Adventurer's Guild Member David, [Mission System] will go through a test operation.

▷ During the test operation period, only a selected few missions will be posted on the bulletin board and not all the missions from all the people will be posted.

▷ David added that Duke Stewart has high hopes on the [Mission System] and it’s likely to to expand at a bigger scale after the test operation period.



▷ You can accept, delete, or immediately get rewards for missions only in towns with the [Mission Bulletin Board].





▷ To check the mission status (in progress, rewards ready for collection, deleted), you can go to [Mission Bulletin Board] or open Achievement window and go to Mission Bulletin Board tab.






 Mission Bulletin Board Rewards 


▷ Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears (New Points)

- When you successfully complete the missions, you can get the new points, “Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears”.

- If you take “Very Dangerous Missions”, you can get “Problem Solver’s Box”.

- You can get special equipment for Problem Solvers from the Problem Solver’s Box.

- You can get very special and rare titles from Problem Solver’s Box.



▷ Problem Solver’s Equipment

- Initial stats of the equipment you can get from Problem Solver’s Box are pretty low but they can become very powerful through enhancements.

- Problem Solver’s gears can be enhanced in the same method as Goddess gears but they require less cost and are enhanced less.

- Problem Solver’s gears can be sealed up to 3 times. (It can be traded!)








 Mission Bulletin Board Store Information 


▷ Mission Bulletin Board Store

- Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears Points earned from missions can be used at the Mission Bulletin Board Store.

- You can buy various valuable items at the Mission Bulletin Board Store. (You can even get Cash Items)

- Mission Bulletin Board Store can be accessed through Adventurer's Guild Member David who is located next to the Bulletin Board.
















[2] Changes/Additions


2-1. Gosuk's Precious Box


※ We are very sorry for the confusion.

This information regarding Gosuk's Precious Box has now been taken out of the February Patchnote, as it has been rescheduled to come on the March Update Patch.

The Gosuk's Precious Box contents/drop rates will NOT be changed and will remain the same as it was from the January Patchnote.


    -  To check the correct Gosuk's Precious Box information, click HERE to go to the January Patchnote.

    -  A notice regarding this matter has been posted : Go to notice




Some of the items inside Gosuk’s Previous Box and their drop rates will be changed.














2-2. Daily Quest


Daily Quest Added

- You can get 2 new Daily Quests from [Special Sentry Louis] located at Merca’s Port.














2-3. Tasks Revamp


Daily and Weekly Task Revamp

- Some changes will be made to Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks.













2-4. Equipment Collection


Equipment Collection

- Problem Solver’s equipment have been added to the Equipment Collection.
















[3] Event


3-1. Valentine's Day Event


Event Information

     Event Level Conditions :   95

     Event Type :   Play Time Event

     Event Period :   2/12 ~ 2/19



■ How to Participate




■ Play Time




■ Valentine's Day Event Store Information




■ Valentine's Day Event Reward













3-2. Everyone's Banquet




■  Entry Information 


• Entry Level :   At least Level 93

• Number of Players :   1~2 players

• Weekly Clear Limit :   7 times per week

• Cannot revive

※ You need Everyone's Banquet Entry Ticket to enter.




■  Entry Ticket Information


• Where to get the ticket:    You can buy it from [Dimensional Rabbit] - [Everyone's Banquet Store] located at Temple Knight Training Ground

• Each character can buy only one per day and the entry ticket lasts for 1 day.








■  Guide Quest


Remote Quest > [Lv93] Everyone’s Banquet

     ※ Press ‘U’ to open the Quest window and click on the “Remote Quest” tab to get it





■  How to Play


 Stage Goals 

- Try challenging yourself to go as high as possible to get better rewards.


 Stage Rules 

- When normal stage is cleared, user's HP and MP will be recovered.

- When boss stage is cleared, dead player will resurrect.

- When all players die, stage will end.


 Reward Conditions 

- First Treasure Chest: Clear Boss Stage (Level 4)

- Second Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 7)

- Third Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 11)

- Last Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (Level 12)



※ Users' stats are balanced in Everyone's Banquet.

※ Heroes, pets, and potions cannot be used.

※ Overall balancing is applied and you cannot use the following skills and equipment skills.

- Skill Dragon Jade

- Costumes’ Normal Skills

- Costumes’ Transformation Skills

- Willpower Fragment, Pleasant Premium Benefits





■  Stages


- When you enter a normal stage, you will enter a random stage of 2 stages.

- Stage clear count will be recorded when you clear Level 3.






■  Rewards


- You can get rewards from the box when you clear Levels 4, 7, 11, and 12 of Everyone's Banquet.

- When you play Everyone's Banquet in a party of 2 players, the number of Cube Fragments obtained by each player can be different at each level.

 However, party size will not affect the maximum and minimum number of Cube Fragments that can be obtained by each player.

E.g.) When Player A and Player B clear Level 4 together, Player A may get 2 fragments and Player B may get 9 fragments.

- You can get Lapis, Rock of Darkness, and Gold Goblin Coin at a low probability from the reward chest at the last level, Level 12.





 Everyone's Banquet Store 

- You can use Ancient Element Cube Fragment to exchange for Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman, Ancient Element Cube, or High Grade Ancient Element Cube at [Dimensional Rabbit Everyone's Banquet Store].





 Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman 

- [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman] which can be purchased at the Everyone's Banquet Store is a Talisman that has 4 kinds of elements - Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness.

- Initial stats for [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman] purchased at the store is 0.5% for each stat and can be increased up to 5.5%!

- With [Ancient Element Cube], you can increase the stats from 0.5% to 5.0% and with [High Grade Ancient Element Cube] you can increase the stats from 5.0% to 5.5%. (Increases by 0.1% for each Cube)

- Cubes will disappear once used.











3-3. Others


■ Board Game Battle Event Ended

- Board Game Battle Event has ended.















[4] Cash Shop


4-1. February Costume:  Hanbok Costume


A colourful traditional Korean costume, the [Hanbok Costume], is available this month at the Cash Shop. 









4-2. February Altea's Gacha Box Update


This month's Altea's Gacha Box Update is as follows. 



▶ Fortuitous Crimson Guzheng Wings/Tail/Decal 






▶ Banquet of Flowers Girl Spirit 








4-3. Wishful Flying Pengu Pet & Pet Accessories 


 New growth type pet [Wishful Flying Pengu] has been released. 


▶ Wishful Flying Pengu 




▶ Penguin Pet Accessories 3 types 







4-4. Purplion Accessory



▶ Purplion Accessory (Epic) 











4-5. Others: Atonement Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupon


The Atonement Darknness Weapon is available this month through the [Can You Top Up My Heart?] Event! 





 How To Use the Exchange Coupon 

① Receive the Exchange Coupon from Special Storage on Reward date with the Character you wish to equip. 




② Go to NPC Pania's [Special Store] at Saint Haven. The Darkness Weapon is on the first tab. 

The Atonement Darkness Weapon Exchange Coupons will only be usable on the "Atonement Darkess Weapons" at the bottom. 




③ Select the Main/Secondary Weapon and start slaying dragons! 












[5] Web Shop



5-1. Dreamy Elite Newbie Package Released



A new upgraded Dreamy Newbie Package is here for our new Heroes!

Get the Dreamy Elite Newbie Package and up your game to whole new stage instantly. Now catching up will be a smooth ride!

Available only at the Web Shop this month. 


★ "Dreamy Elite Newbie Pacakge" contains the following items: 

Limitless Hero's EXP Scroll 200%, Revival Scroll, Item Protection Magic Jelly, and [Calypse Tier 2 Enhancement Level 0] Full Set Box 


 Sales Period 

12th February after the Update Patch ~ 12th March before the Update Patch



At the Web Shop's Web Cash Shop tab : click HERE to go now! 



The Previous "Dreamy Newbie Pacakge" Removed from Cash Shop

The previous Dreamy Newbie Package has been removed from the Cash Shop. 









5-2. New Web Shop item


※ New item will be updated through Cash Shop. Further details will be posted on February 28th.