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NOTICE No Changes to Gosuk's Precious Box for February 14. Feb. 2019 Views 5141

Dear Adventurers, 




First of all, we are very sorry to have confused our Adventurers in our February Patchnote regarding the Gosuk's Precious Box content change


We are very happy to correct this misinformation and to assure our players that the Gosuk's Precious Box contents has not been, and will NOT be changed this month. 


The original schedule did have the change to be made this month, 
but after an internal analysis, we have decided to postpone the changes so that our Adventurers can enjoy the Gosuk's Precious Box as it was for this month. 



  The Gosuk's Precious Box portion has therefore been crossed out in the February Patchnote post.

Modified February Patchnote:



  Please refer to the January Patchnote's Gosuk's Precious Box information for the correct content info of the box. 

> Click HERE to go to the January Patchnote.


  The scheduled Gosuk's Precious Box change will be made on the March Update Patch date (12th March). 





Again, we are sorry for the confusion this has caused, and we apologize for not having made this clear sooner. 


Thank you for your understanding.