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This is the Eyedentity Games Terms of Sales. Effective Date: 28, July, 2020 - EYE Cash: The official virtual points of Eyedentity Games to get these items from the Eyedentity Games. - EYET (Eye Total): A subdivision point of the Eye Cash that can be charged by the Cherry Credit (CC). - EYEC (Eye Credit): A subdivision point of the Eye Cash, which previously could be charged by Paypal but is not currently supported. - Currency: 1 SGD allows you to obtain 1000 EYE Cash. - EYEC (Eye Cash) is not refundable under any circumstances. - If a chargeback is filed through a third-party platform or credit card company, the relevant account will be permanently blocked and all DBs associated with the account will be deleted and will not be restored. - EYET (Eye Total) has no limit when purchasing items. - EYEC (Eye Credit) has limitation and each conditions are subject to change. - Dragon Nest Petal (DNP), which is a virtual point provided by Eyedentity Games as an event reward, is managed by Eyedentity Games and can be deleted in an emergency without prior notice. - When you use third party payment and billing providers, such as Paypal, that provider’s additional terms, and costs, apply. It is your obligation to pay all Federal, State and local taxes associated with The receipt or use of The digital goods which you purchase from Eyedentity Games. - When and where required, Eyedentity Games or a third party payment processor acting on behalf of Eyedentity Games will collect sales tax on your behalf and remit payment to the applicable State government. - Anything obtained in our stores is not purchased by you, but rather is licensed to you under the terms of this Terms of Sale and the other applicable agreements. Virtual items have no "real world" value. You acknowledge that the virtual goods acquired through the Service are not your property and are not redeemable for any sum of money from us at any time. REGARDLESS OF THE CONSIDERATION OFFERED OR PAID IN EXCHANGE FOR VIRTUAL ITEMS, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY OWNERSHIP RIGHTS IN THE ITEMS OBTAINED. - Refer to paragraph 3 of Terms of Use for more information on sales terms and conditions.